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Google Maps can run your life

Google Maps
The 71 bus? Right around the corner

Google has updated its Map service for mobile phones to help give directions to where you want to go by transit as well as walking or in a car.

The Version 2.2 update, which contains features not even available on the desktop version yet, will show information on bus, train and ferry routes, including departure times and even how much the trip will cost.

Where am I?

A person lost in the big city can use the “My Location” function to find themselves, which can be achieved through mobile mast triangulation in the absence of GPS on the unit.

This promises to have benefits in terms of safety, especially late at night in an unfamiliar part of town. Speaking of which, Google Maps will also let you know when the last train/bus/boat home is, so you know how late you can party.

The service is mainly available in North America now, though Google says it can be used in “over 50 countries.”

Click here to see a video of someone showing off the new tricks.