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Google Android to land 23 September

Do the Android
Do the Android

News wire Reuters has suggested that T-Mobile will be selling a mobile running Google Android by 23 September.

Google's hotly anticipated open source operating system is expected to have a huge splash in the mobile phone market, with the search giant hoping its approach will give them dominance in the mobile OS market.

Crediting two sources familiar with Deutsche Telecom's T-Mobile, Reuters suggests that the first incarnation of Android could be a matter of weeks away.

"T-Mobile and Google will be making an announcement this month in New York City," its sources said – with the date of 23 September given.

No comment

Although neither company is willing to comment on the rumours, the prospect of selling the operating system will be an exciting one for the mobile provider.

Google's brand is incredibly powerful, as witnessed by the huge chunk its new browser took into the Internet Explorer market within a week of launch, and the integration of its web-based products and services into a mobile will be enticing for customers.

With Apple's pared down OSX winning plaudits on its iPhone, the mobile OS market is in a state of flux – with Microsoft's Windows mobile battling for purchase and Nokia's purchase of Symbian all noteworthy.

It remains to be seen if Reuters' sources are accurate, but Android is coming, and is likely to make a huge splash.