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Android Market app store won't be moderated

The new Android-driven T-Mobile G1 phone will offer access to Android Market, which is like a version of Apple's Store... but without the moderation.

The Market will offer access to hundreds of applications and games, and even allows people to access shopping sites and social networking.

But T-Mobile confirmed to TechRadar that the only way you can vet the programmes is by looking at the user ratings and comments... so being a first user is dangerous.

Developer interaction

But on the plus side, you can interact directly with the developer through email etc, and can even see exactly what elements of the phone (Maps, SMS or whatever) are being utilised with the application.

Now that's open source.

The interface is nice and pretty at launch, with simple things like shutter sounds as an early option.

The Android Market will be available from the word go when the T-Mobile G1 comes out in November.