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HP's secret ultra-mobile PC plans exposed

Many computer manufacturers viewed the ultra-mobile PC (UMPC) as just another gimmick that would have very little practical significance in the marketplace when it was first announced. But tiny computers are taking off, and HP looks like joining in with one of its own.

According to a recent report from CNET, HP sat down with the publication over an informal dinner and told those present that it has plans to release a UMPC in the coming months. Unfortunately, the report did not divulge any possible specs that the device might feature, but did say that it will offer a low price and above average battery life.

A UMPC for everybody

HP staff also told guests that the UMPC will be suitable for use by professionals and enthusiasts alike, and should sport a slim form factor.

HP is no stranger to the portable PC market, having sold its iPaq PDA for quite some time. But with UMPCs becoming increasingly popular in the market, the company believes it will be able to make a significant dent.

So far, no announcement has been made regarding availability, but one should be expected in the coming weeks.