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Google+ ready for iPad

Google+ brings hangouts to iOS
Google+ brings hangouts to iOS

Google has updated its Google+ iOS app to now feature full iPad support.

That means you can now browse your social network with a brand new layout to take advantage of the larger iPad retina display.

To go along with the iPad bump, the app now also supports one of the favorite features of Google+ -hangouts - allowing you to chat with up to nine people regardless of what device or computer they are using.

What's more, the app supports Google+ Events and allow users to instantly upload photos to their posts from the app.

Google for everybody

Apple and Google don't always see eye to eye, but Google isn't letting a little bad blood get in the way of spreading its services and features.

Google is playing the long game, aiming to have ubiquitous services even if it only controls a portion of the mobile OS market. And it is a strategy that is paying off for the search giant.

Not long ago Google released Google Drive and its Chrome browser on iOS as a universal apps, the latter of which quickly shot up to top App Store charts.

iPad support for the Google+ app is a free update to the existing app, making it universal for both iPhone and iPad.