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YouTube to offer updated movie on demand service

YouTube rentals - coming very soon
YouTube rentals - coming very soon

YouTube is set to launch a new premium movie rental service this week, with a few screenshots of the store making their way on to the web.

The updated service isn't yet up and running, but a sneaky member of Hacker News has managed to obtain a glimpse of it through Google Cache, which shows a number of movies available to rent through YouTube from $1.99.

YouTube already has a rental section on its site - it's been around for a year - but the selection on offer has been very limited.

Up for rent

But now it seems a re-launch – in the US at least – is on the cards for this week, although it is doubtful that the UK will actually get to see the movie rental service anytime soon.

The biggest thing about the new YouTube Store is that it seems that some big-name movie studios are on board, with movies by the Weinstein Company and Lionsgate dominating the leaked list.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Brothers and Universal have also signed up but Paramount and Fox seem to be dragging their heels.

Via The Wrap