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YouTube improves its copyright takedown process

YouTube updating copyright takedown process

Online video behemoth YouTube has finally offered a major update to its Content ID systems used to automatically detect copyright violation in user videos.

The best part? A new appeals process for users affected by incorrect copyright take down notices.

In a post on the YouTube Creators blog, Rights Management Product Manager Thabet Alfishawi explains that prior to the update, users who rejected the copyright dispute were left with no options.

The new appeals process will shift the responsibility back to the copyright holder, who will be given the option of withdrawing their takedown notice, or filing a formal DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)notification.

Better algorithms for better results

With more than 10 million reference files used as part of the Content ID system, YouTube has also improved its algorithms in order to reduce false positives in the first place.

the most tangible benefit of this is the introduction of a manual review process for videos that are likely to create a false positive, instead of being automatically taken down.

With copyright holders and world governments putting more pressure on YouTube to improve its copyright protection practices, it's refreshing to see an announcement that ultimately benefits both the copyright holders and the end users.

Via: YouTube Creator Blog