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Microsoft and Google buddy up on JavaScript partnership


Microsoft and Google are done butting heads over the next version of the latter's Angular JavaScript web framework and have agreed to combine expertise ahead of its impending release.

The rollout of the controversial Angular 2 framework will see the convergence of Microsoft's TypeScript language and AtScript, Google's advanced version of TypeScript, with developers then able to write apps in the same language for the new framework.

Angular's team made the announcement at the ng-conf in Salt Lake City and the two companies have been collaborating for several months in what is a change of tack from both sides of the fence.

Developers not on board

As part of the rollout, TypeScript will take some of the features Google has added to Angular over the years using AtScript including introspection, and field and metadata annotations.

The move hasn't, however, gone down well in some parts of the developer community as Angular 2 is not compatible with the previous version of the framework and certain developers think that Microsoft coming on board could make it even harder to deal with.

Via: TechCrunch