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Digg building Google Reader replacement

All hail our new reader

In the wake of Google's announcement that it will close the doors to its Reader this July (RIP) there was a hole just waiting to be filled. And who's stepping up to the plate? Digg, apparently.

Yes, Google's loss is Digg's gain. The newly relaunched content-aggregating site is building a reader replacement which will include a Google-style API to win over news and blog junkies.

Not only that, but it will also add a bunch of savvy new-age social features such as Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Tumblr.

Read the way

Digg's Andrew McLaughlin announced the move on his blog, adding that Digg had been considering a reader for some time. It's now been given the perfect opportunity to act on that.

"We've heard people say that RSS is a thing of the past, and perhaps in its current incarnation it is, but as daily (hourly) users of Google Reader, we're convinced that it's a product worth saving," he said. "So we're going to give it our best shot."

Digg, which was acquired by Betaworks last year, is hoping to get its reader up before July 1, when Google's will walk the green mile.