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Obama to answer questions in Google+ Hangout

Obama to answer questions in Google+ Hangout
President Obama is embracing Google+

President Barack Obama will go live in a Google+ Hangout session next week to answer questions from voters regarding his State of the Union address.

The social media-friendly president will enter into the video conferencing session with selected members of the public on Monday January 30th - a week from today.

The Hangout is part of the White House's extended coverage of Tuesday's annual address, during which different members of the administration will also take to Google+ throughout the week.

Get live with the Pres.

Those keen to chat live with President Obama on Google+ are encouraged to send a 30 second clip with their question, and those selected will join the Hangout next week to ask in real time.

Obama's endorsement of Google+ will come as a welcome boost to Google, following its struggle to convince folks that its social network can offer anything new over Facebook and Twitter.

You can follow the White House, which signed-up two weeks ago, on Google+ here.

Let's hope for Google's and Obama's sake that no-one decides to unleash their privates and turn it into a literal 'hangout.'

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