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More than 6 million people pay for Spotify now

More than 6 million people pay for Spotify now
Spotify: mobilising

Spotify now boasts six million paying customers, with 24 million people in total actively using the service.

Now, six million people isn't exactly a global majority (Arrested Development was cancelled despite its six-million-strong audience, for example) but it's a start.

It does mean that the majority of Spotify's regular users are still making use of the free option, with no word on what the ratio of paying subscribers have opted for unlimited versus premium accounts.

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However, the company reckons it's paid out over $500 million in revenue to music rights holders since it launched in 2008.

That's $100 million (£67m / AU$97m) a year - not too shabby. For comparison, the UK alone spent £383 million ($570m / AU$553m) on digital music sales in 2012.

The updated stats come as rumours swirl that Spotify plans to extend its free mobile radio player to countries outside the US in April - it's the only free mobile product Spotify offers but does mean you have to put up with ads playing between songs.

To enjoy any other Spotify-fed music on a phone or tablet, you have to shell out for a premium subscription (£9.99 / $9.99 / AU$9.99 per month).