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Google wants to learn about your TV habits

Google wants to know what's on the goggle box
Google wants to know what's on the goggle box

Google is teaming up with research company Kantar to measure TV and online activity in the UK, to better understand how media is consumed in the United Kingdom.

The research sounds very similar to what the Broadcaster's Audience Research Board (BARB) is doing – although BARB is positioning itself as the official measurer of online TV content in the UK.

Google is hoping to analyse 3,000 households (the panel is opt-in) and make the data available at some point.

It is thought that this data will be used to find ways to bring the right sort of ad campaigns to each platform.

Welcome new efforts

According to Campaign magazine, Guy Phillipson, chief executive of the Internet Advertising Bureau, said about the study: "Between them, TV and online command 50 per cent of total media spend in the UK.

"The Internet Advertising Bureau always welcomes new efforts to understand how consumers are using the internet and how online channels work in conjunction with other media."

Via Campaign