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Google's sly response to Microsoft's Scroogle shwag

Google says 'meh' to Scroogled

Like all big companies, its fair to assume Google has questionable treatment of user privacy. But Microsoft has questionable taste in its methods of informing the public about said treatment, despite pointing out valid issues.

With its snippy sayings on shirts and mugs, Microsoft's Scroogled campaign really can't be taken all that seriously thanks to the shameless Bing plugs - though it's still of course a pretty blatant jab at the search engine Goliath.

Which is probably why Google came back today with a subtle swing: "Microsoft's latest venture comes as no surprise; competition in the wearables space is really heating up."

Touché, Google.

Considering the company is merrily chugging along with its Google Glass in the wearables department while Microsoft is, well, peddling t-shirts, it's apparent where that dig is aimed.

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