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Google developers bring 3D to the web

03D looks to bring 3D to the web
03D looks to bring 3D to the web

Developers working on Google Labs have come up with a plug-in, which is being touted as "a new, shader-based, low-level graphics API for creating interactive 3D applications in a web browser."

According to its makers, the idea of the plug-in, called O3D, is "to build an API that runs on multiple operating systems and browsers, performs well in JavaScript, and offers the capabilities developers need to create a diverse set of rich applications."

Help inform discussion

While it is in its early stages, the Google developers are hoping that O3D will bring a new dimension to web browsing. As with most of Google Labs the API is open source, so other developers can tinker with it.

Google is also hoping that by releasing the plug-in into the wild early will "help inform the public discussion about 3D graphics in the browser." Handily there's also a forum you can visit to give your two-penneth worth about 3D web browsing.

For more information on 03D, visit its blog at

To view a real-time demo of what O3D can do, click here.

Via IT Pro