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Google still investigating cause of DoubleClick For Publishers meltdown

Google is investigating the cause

Google's DoubleClick For Publishers (DFP) ad-serving platform suffered a global outage yesterday leaving thousands of publishers that rely on it for display advertising revenue short-changed.

Neal Mohan, Google's VP for display ad video advertising products at Google, said in a Tweet that it was the first global DFP downtime for "many, many years", one that lasted less than two hours.

In his last post, he confirmed that they were "finding [the] cause and making sure it doesn't happen again".

DFP clients were left miffed after Google failed to provide feedback during the incident, which left some webpages unable to load.

Thousands down

A rough estimate puts the potential financial damage at about $3 million (about £2 million, AU$3.3 million) with more than 55,000 websites apparently affected by the downtime.

The overwhelming majority of big news websites use DFP to generate revenue from display advertisement.

Notable exceptions are the Huffington Post and Engadget – which use AOL's proprietary ad server technology, AdTech. Other similar solutions include OpenX and AppNexus.

Via Adweek