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AIM becomes truly interoperable with Google products

Google talk and AIM - interoperable
Google talk and AIM - interoperable

Google Talk and Gmail will now be completely interoperable with AIM – AOL's instant messaging service.

Although a little aged, AIM remains a popular instant messenger client and Google is keen to make sure that its Google Talk service can take advantage of its user base.

The two services have been linked since 2007, but there was a fairly crucial barrier in that the AIM could only work within Gmail, meaning that none of Google's other communication products could use the service.

However, Google has now announced that this problem has now been removed.

Open standards

"From the beginning, we designed Google Talk using open standards so that you could connect to your friends and family using any chat product, making communication as easy as possible," said product manager Matthew Leske on the Gmail blog.

"A few years ago, we announced our partnership with AOL which made it possible for people to chat with AIM users right from inside Gmail.

"Today, we're happy to report that AOL has now made it possible to chat with AOL contacts across a variety of Google services: not just Gmail, but also iGoogle, Orkut, and Google Talk on Android phones."