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How to watch Industry online: stream BBC and HBO drama from anywhere today

watch industry online
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Your next binge-worthy series has arrived! Industry introduces us to five young graduates who, hungry for success, will do anything to win the favor of their superiors and secure a job at prestigious London financial firm Pierpoint & Co. Follow our guide to find out where to watch Industry online today, including how to stream Industry free in the UK! 

After the speculative satire Years and Years, the BBC are delivering another gripping series in collaboration with HBO. Set in the world of international finance, this 8-part drama follows a group of newly hired graduates as they compete to secure their future with the esteemed company, and the romantic entanglements and self-destructive behaviours formed in such a high-pressure work environment.

Watch Industry free online

Released: 2020

Stream in US: Save 20% on HBO Max with this deal

Watch FREE in UK: BBC iPlayer

Global streaming: get a FREE Binge trial in Australia

Making their TV debut, series creators Mickey Down and Konrad Day have written characters hailing from very different backgrounds, but who all share an inflexible will to succeed. Harper (Myha’la Herrold) is the central protagonist, a mixed-race American woman within a more privileged milieu. ]

Yasmin (Marisa Abela), for example, is rich but eager to prove her business savvy; Robert (Harry Lawtey) entitled and charming with a taste for London nightlife, and Gus (David Jonsson) both Eton and Oxford educated. Their supervisors, meanwhile, are played by Skins actor Freya Mavor, Game of Thrones star Will Tudor, and Lost’s Ken Leung as MD Eric Tao.

That Lena Dunham (star and creator of HBO’s Girls) helmed the pilot episode heralds greatness for this BBC drama – an addictive combination of romance, workplace rivalry, sex and bruised egos. So, get ready for your new favorite TV series as we explain how to watch Industry online - including for free.

watch industry online free uk

How to watch Industry online free in the UK

using BBC iPlayer

Brits have another quality dose of BBC programming to enjoy at their leisure right now – as every episode of Industry is currently available to stream free on iPlayer.

Premiere episode 'Induction', directed by Lena Dunham, is your obvious starting point. But if you’ve cut the cord, or just prefer to stream your TV shows, then you can enjoy all of Industry online using BBC iPlayer free of charge (provided you've got a valid TV license). 

watch industry online

How to watch Industry online in the US


Americans wanting a piece of the high-stakes excitement can get it - the easiest way being via HBO Max, where anyone in the US can enjoy each episode of Industry at their convenience from $14.99 a month.

The VoD service has an enviable range of premium content, with over 10,000 hours of programming that includes old and new HBO shows like The Wire, Game of Thrones, and Lovecraft Country, HBO Max originals such as Legendary and An American Pickle, and an all-you-can-eat entertainment buffet courtesy of WarnerMedia.

Existing subscribers to HBO could be eligible for HBO Max free of charge and not know it yet. Check here if you think that might apply to you.

watch industry online canada

How to watch Industry online in Canada


Lucky Canadians can experience the thrills of Industry at the same time as their American neighbors, with the series streaming exclusively on Crave from Monday, November 9, and new episodes added weekly.

However, you’ll need the Movies + HBO package at CND$19.98 per month (plus tax) to get access. And, while it’s twice the amount of the entry-level plan, Movies + HBO provides simultaneous US access to all the latest and greatest HBO programming and recent Hollywood movies. 

Before you make a commitment, sit back and enjoy their 7-Day Free Trial first.

watch industry online australia

How to watch Industry online in Australia 


Industry is out now in Australia and the place to find it is on streaming service Binge

Binge currently offers a 14-Day Free Trial, which in addition to giving you an ample window to watch Industry free online, will the trial will also give you access to over 10,000 hours of content from networks like HBO, FX, and Warner Bros.

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