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Tron: Legacy headphones - let your ears shine

Monster Cable: putting the Grid on your head
Monster Cable: putting the Grid on your head

Daft Punk and Tron: Legacy fans can rejoice knowing they too can get involved with the spirit of the film through new headphones released by Monster Cable.

Complete with 'Daft Punk Styling', the headphones' most obvious feature is the LED Light Drive System used to recreate TRON: LEGACY animated lighting effects on the side of the cans.

But sonically the headphones have been boosted too: large drivers and noise isolation technology, as well as a removable boom mic, make these a decent choice for both gaming or home cinema - plus hands free calling has is available too for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Flynn lives

Users will also get a free specially created surround-sound mix of the Tron: Legacy soundtrack with the headphones, which we're assuming people that love light up cans will enjoy just as much.

If you're thinking of adding them to your Christmas list, they're not cheap though: £249.95 in the UK and will be available in a variety of electronics retailers.