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HP's revolutionary new desktop is ready to 'Sprout' for businesses

Sprout by HP in action

HP's push to revolutionize the way we work has kicked up a notch. The manufacturer's Sprout All-in-One PC will be available to commercial customers, including those in the education sector, later this month.

The double touchscreen machine, which is designed for visual artists, videographers, designers and photographers, will begin shipping to customers in the US via its commercial channel this month before coming to the remainder of the world at a later date.

Sprout, which was unveiled late last year, features a 23-inch touchscreen LCD monitor, and a built-in projector that can capture and create digital images of stationary objects placed on the Sprout's 20-inch touchpad.

A 3D printing revolution?

What this means is that any 3D object can be placed in front of the monitor and its digital image will be beamed by the projector onto the desktop. You can then adjust the image to look different before being printed from an attached 3D printer, if you have one.

Sprout by HP has been available to retail customers since November last year with a price tag of $1,899 (about £1,176 or AU$2,135).