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Patent complaints over Nvidia 'initially rejected'

nVidia - relieved
nVidia - relieved

Chip giant Nvidia is breathing a sigh of relief after the US Patent and Trademark 'initially rejected' all claims from Rambus over patents.

Rambus, a company that has spent an estimated $300 million (c.£184m) in legal disputes with chip makers in the last decade, had demanded that Nvidia pay royalties on memory circuits.

However, the patent office "has now initially rejected all of the patent claims asserted by Rambus against Nvidia in the ITC," according to Reuters quoting from a statement by Nvidia general counsel David Shannon.

17 patents

The suit was filed in 2008, with Rambus insisting that Nvidia had infringed 17 of its patents.

The bone of contention over the patents is that Nvidia insists that Rambus should not have been granted them on what it describes as 'old ideas'.

However, all seem to conclude that this is only the first battle of what could be a lengthy war.