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Round-up: All the week's hottest tech stories

Xbox 360 boss in resignation shocker
Yep, the day after his crazy PS3 jibes, Xbox 360 boss Peter Moore officially resigned from his role at Microsoft and will now have nothing further to do with the company. Moore made the announcement in a move that surprised even the sharpest analysts.

MacBooks to get glowing touchpads?
Imagine having the current time, or a list of new emails in your inbox, constantly glowing on your MacBook's touchpad. This feature may be on its way, according to a new Apple patent application. That's so cool!

Chinese DVD players go up in smoke
In one of the week's serious-yet-funny news stories, thousands of Chinese-made DVD players are being recalled after some models began belching out plumes of black smoke. Up to 460,000 Axion branded players are subject to the recall after 550 models in users' homes were found to be emitting noxious fumes. Ouch!

120GB PlayStation 3 set for European release?
Bad news for Sony PS3 fans in Europe: SCEE president David Reeves thinks that the 80GB PlayStation 3 is not worth releasing in Europe. The Good news? He's seriously considering putting out a 120GB model instead. That's twice the capacity of the current 60GB £420 model.

HD DVD pulls away from Blu-ray in USA
The HD circus predictably rumbled into town for another week of spin. This time, the HD DVD camp claimed that overall HD DVD hardware sales in the US went up by 37 percent in the first three months of the year while Blu-ray sales went down. Does anyone actually care?

RIM welcomes iPhone, intros Blackberry 8820
Research In Motion (RIM) boss Mike Lazaridis this week welcomed Apple's entry into the smartphone space - while also launching a new product of his own, the BlackBerry 8820. "Hats off to Mr. Jobs for growing the whole industry," Lazaridis said. Smooth.

PC World gives away 'free' laptops
This week's top bargain hunters will have noticed that PC World is to offer laptops worth £300 for free - providing you sign up to an Orange Broadband contract for two years. The deal, which will be offered in stores means you pay £7.49 for the first three months. After that you'll need to pay £15.

Sony boss sparks PlayStation 3 food fight
Another highly amusing story: Jack Tretton, in charge of Sony's PlayStation arm in the US, has been blasting the Nintendo Wii and the MicrosoftX box 360 with nasty food-based insults. Meanwhile, the PS3 has sold one million units in Japan.

Is WiiConnect24 breaking your Nintendo Wii?
Nintendo Wii gamers have been reporting that the always-on WiiConnect24 internet connection is overheating and damaging their games consoles. Nintendo says it knows nothing about these issues, but web forums tell a different story. Wii gamers listen up!

PlayStation 3 overtakes Xbox 360 in America
Another games console story: In a reasonably unexpected twist of events, the Sony PlayStation 3 has struck back at the Xbox 360, outselling the Microsoft console in the first week since its $100 price cut.

Critical security flaw discovered in iPhone
A critical security flaw in the Apple iPhone which could lead to phishing attacks has been uncovered by security firm Fortify Software. It's something that amused the Apple-bashers, but is causing concern in the iPhone-loving community.

Games guru predicts downfall of Nintendo Wii
The industry domination of the Nintendo Wii is temporary and it's downfall is imminent. That's the controversial view of games developer Dave Perry, who said that as soon as the true power of the PS3 is realised, gamers will ditch their Wiimotes. Nothing to do with the fact that he's actively involved in developing games for the PS3 and Xbox obviously...

iPhone nano coming this Christmas?
Following on from last week's JP Morgan claims (and subsequent denials) that a cheaper Apple iPhone nano was on the way, there are renewed reports this week that such a device may arrive later this year. What do you reckon?

Will Facebook be forced to close?
Social networking emporium Facebook could be forced to close next week if a key court judgement goes against it. This is news that will certainly keep the eye of the millions of new Facebook addicts. MySpac e fanboys are loving it though...