Chinese DVD players go up in smoke

The Audiovox D1708 is just one of the products affected - and it has been offered for sale in the UK

Thousands of Chinese-made DVD players are being recalled after some models began belching smoke, Japanese newspapers are reporting.

Up to 460,000 Axion branded players are subject to the recall after 550 players in user's homes were found to be emitting noxious fumes and distorting because of the build-up of heat inside. The players - made by Action Electronics Co . - also pose a fire risk , says Japanese paper the Asahi Shimbun.

The problem appears to stem from over-zealous use of solder in the LCD backlight on the DVD player's display.

Action Electronics Co. says the recall affects 20 different Axion DVD models going back over four years, as well as some LCD TVs and LCD picture frames. Other brands including Rossini, Audiovox and Insignia are also affected.

We've also discovered that at least one DVD player available here is affected - the Audiovox D1708 portable player is listed on the Asahi Shimbun site. Other affected models are:

Portable DVD players

  • Axion AXN2548
  • Axion AXN2588
  • Axion AXN3539
  • Axion AXN3588
  • Axion AXN3589
  • Axion AXN3709
  • Axion AXN3808
  • Axion AXN4109
  • Axion AXN4709
  • Axion AXN4809
  • Axion AXN5109
  • Axion AXN5429
  • Axion AXN5709
  • Axion AXN5807
  • Axion AXN5909
  • Axion AXN6109
  • Axion AXN6608
  • Axion AXN6705
  • Axion AXN6709
  • Axion AXN31005
  • Audiovox D1708
  • Bandai BCHW-0001
  • Insignia NS-7PDVDA


  • Rossini RPD7100
  • Rossini RPD7700

Digital Photo Frames

  • Axion AXN700PF