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Sony unveils new stylish headphone range

Sony's new heaphones
Sony's new heaphones

Sony has announced its latest range of style headphones, with the MDR-570, MDR-370 and MDR-EX77LP and MDR-EX57.

The 'murder' range – as we've decided to call them due to their unfortunate letter selection – is all about the looks.

"Add a splash of colour to your favourite music with this season's new collection of great value headphones from Sony," says the company.

'Whether you're listening to your favourite downloads, catching up on the latest podcasts or gaming in private with your handheld console, you'll enjoy sensational sound plus fresh, attention-grabbing looks.'

The closed back 'colourful' 570 range offers a 30mm Neodymium driver and a gold-plated stereo plug and is a 'perfect upgrade for your MP3 players supplied headphones'.

And the rest

The 370 range has a headband that is, and we quote, 'designed to fit youthful teenage music fans' and is available in four 'cute' colours: pink, blue, green and white.

Finally, for 'when style is as important as premium sound' come the MDR-EX77LP and MDR-EX57 ranges.

That means a 9mm neodymium driver, carry case and cord adjuster.

The new MDR-570, MDR-370, MDR-EX77 and MDR-EX57 headphones by Sony have a UK release date of April 2010.