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Apple AirPods wave goodbye to the headphone jack

Apple AirPods
Apple AirPods

The iPhone 7 has killed the headphone jack, which of course means there's a new pair of Apple wireless earphones to accompany your new phone. Introducing the AirPods.

Completely wireless they look...a little bit like a straw cut in half, hanging out of your ear. They're an acquired taste, to say the least. But they are jam-packed with interesting technology.

Apple AirPods

With an Apple W1 wireless chip handling communication between your phone and the buds, the AirPods make use of infra red sensors that can tell when they're slotted into your ears, saving on battery life. A single tap and you'll activate Siri for voice control on your device, too.


Complete with a wireless charging case, you'll squeeze 5 hours of playback out of the AirPods per charge.

However, the new wireless AirPod earphones will not come packed in with the new iPhone 7. They will instead ship with a wired pair of Lightning adaptor earphones, the EarPods.

Shipping in late October, they'll sell for $159, which is around £119 in the UK. But let's be real – it's more likely that they'll sell for close to £150 in the UK, too.