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Where to watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: stream online from anywhere

Ready for a Griswold family Christmas?

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation stream
(Image: © Image Credit: Warner Bros)

Looking to stream National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation this holiday season? Then you’ve come to the right place to find out where you can do so. We’ll tell you which services have the rights to show a National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation stream and how to watch the film - even if it isn’t streaming where you live.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation - Fact File

Year: 1989
Run time: 97 mins
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Stars:  Chevy Chase, Beverly D'Angelo, Juliette Lewis
Rotten Tomatoes rating: 64%

While there are new Christmas movies coming out every year, sometimes you just want to watch something familiar with your family over the holidays and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation checks all the boxes of a true ‘Christmas classic’. The 1989 film has it all: presents, decorations, family turmoil, enough Christmas lights to blow a circuit breaker and a Christmas tree so large it doesn’t even fit in the house. 

Add Chevy Chase’s top notch performance as Clark Griswold alongside Beverly D’Angelo’s portrayal of his supportive wife Ellen Griswold and you have the perfect family comedy for the holidays. If you haven’t watched this Christmas classic yet, then you’re in for a treat when, just as it often does in real life, everything falls apart during the holidays!

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So where can you watch it? Below we’ve rounded up the streaming services that are showing the film in the US, UK, Canada and Australia. Nobody got a National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation stream where you are. Well we’ve got a handy little trick to help you out there, too.

Can I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Netflix?

Despite the fact that it’s on both IMDB’s top 25 and Rotten Tomatoes’ top 50 Christmas movies lists, National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation is not on Netflix. This was quite the surprise as Christmas Vacation is a true holiday classic and a great film to help you get in the holiday spirit.

We checked in the US, UK, Canada and Australia but this film is not available from Netflix in any of those countries. Don’t worry though as we’ll break down all of the other ways to rent Christmas Vacation by country below.

Can I watch National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation on Amazon Prime Video?

The rights to stream this film must be quite expensive for streaming platforms because just like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video is not streaming National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation this holiday season. As we said before, don’t fret because there are plenty of streaming platforms which give you the ability to rent or even buy this film broken down by country below.

Where to stream National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in the US

Luckily this year, DIRECTV and fuboTV are have gotten into the Christmas spirit and have the film in stock. So if you have a subscription to either of these services you are set, but if you don't want to subscribe any of the services below will rent it to you.

  • PlayStation - $2.99
  • Amazon - $3.99
  • YouTube - $3.99
  • Apple TV - $3.99
  • Google Play - $2.99

Where to stream National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in the UK

If you live in the UK and fancy a slice of this US classic, then you’re in luck as both Sky and Now TV are showing National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. You’ll have to already be subscribed to Sky Cinema or you can watch all the films you can handle with a Now TV pass:

  • Sky Cinema (subscribers only)
  • Now TV - £11.99 for one month
  • PlayStation - £2.49
  • Chili Cinema - £2.49
  • Rakuten TV - £2.99
  • Amazon - £3.49
  • YouTube - £3.49
  • Apple TV - £3.49
  • Google Play - £3.49

Where to stream National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in Canada

No streaming services are showing Christmas Vacation, so you’ll have to make a one-off payment to watch this Christmas classic:

  • Cineplex - $3.99
  • PlayStation - $4.99
  • YouTube - $4.99
  • Apple TV - $4.99
  • Google Play - $3.99

Where to stream National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in Australia

Unfortunately no streaming platforms have got this film in stock, however you can rent the film from any of the platforms below:

  • Foxtel Now - $25 per month plus $20 per month for the movie pack
  • Stan. - $10 per month
  • Apple TV - $2.99
  • PlayStation - $3.99
  • YouTube - $4.99
  • Google Play - $4.99

How to stream National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation from anywhere in the world

We can imagine that Christmas Vacation wouldn't be streamed in some far reaches of the globe. It is, to be fair, rather US-focused. If you're still desperate to watch, there are desperate measures you can take. VPN shaped measures.

Downloading a Virtual Private Network allows you to log in to your laptop, mobile or streaming device using an IP address located at a server in another country. So you can effectively fool it into thinking it's elsewhere in the world. That then means you can pick up one of the international watching options above - although most will likely require a localised debit card.

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Where can I watch using a VPN?

A VPN will enable you to watch the film from literally anywhere. So that obviously includes: US, UK, Israel, Belgium, Canada, Germany, Denmark, India, Netherlands, Spain, Brazil, Belgium, Romania, Mexico, France, Sweden, Italy, Portugal, Czech Republic, Ireland, Poland, Kenya, Hungary, South Africa, Indonesia, China, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan, Egypt and more!

Main image courtesy of Warner Bros