Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cases


If you want to keep your brand-new iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max protected and stylish, you've got an easy choice to make: pick up a case...or don't. But since you just paid a pretty penny for a cutting-edge phone, we'll assume you're set on wrapping your phone, and tell you how to keep it pristine.

There's no perfect case suitable for everyone; if that was true, this would be a short article. Hence, here are several top picks for iPhone XS and XS Max cases to find the right one for you.

From sparkling gold to rustic-looking wood, you can cover your new iPhone XS phone in a plethora of different colors and materials. There's no shortage of case providers who are eager to sell you the top accessory for the newest iPhones.

Here are 15 iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cases we've scouted out, approved of, and in some cases tested out for drop protection in our offices.

1. Torras Ultra-Thin Case

Next to naked

Very thin, and easier to cram your phone in pockets or bags
Likely won't have the same protection as bigger, thicker cases

The Torras Ultra-Thin case is exactly what it says on the tin: a very thin case to wrap around your iPhone XS and XS Max. It almost certainly won't protect your phone as well as more robust cases on this list, especially those built of multiple materials and more complex designs – but it's better than nothing, and certainly the choice for owners who slip their iPhones into pockets and small bags.

And, of course, these low-material designs are very inexpensive. Pick up the iPhone XS Ultra-Thin case for $10 here on Amazon and the iPhone XS Max Ultra-Thin case for $16 on Amazon

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2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid case

Spigen makes an affordable case with a rigid back and flexible bumper for the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. It's slim, has clear options and gives your phone a more grip-friendly feeling. Spigen also claims it has long-lasting clarity resistant to prevent yellowing found on cheaper iPhone cases and its mil-grade certified protection is designed with Air Cushion Technology.

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3. Mous Limitless 2.0 case

Mous makes high-end cases that stress the use of real materials, including authentic walnut. The new range of Limitless 2.0 iPhone cases from Mous is both super durable and aesthetically pleasing.

According to Mous, the new cases contain "tiny air pockets and cross linking polymer chains that work like springs", helping to absorb any impact if you drop your iPhone XS by mistake. 

Available for both the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max sizes, these cases come in nature-inspired skins, including bamboo, shell, walnut and more, and start at around $40 (£30 / AU$55).

Speck Presidio

4. Speck Presidio

The Speck Presidio range of cases for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR is a great option if you're looking for something really functional and protective.

Particularly effective is the Presidio Grip, which features diagonal ridges to stop your new phone from slipping out of you fingers, plus raised edges to protect your bezel-less screen. The Presidio Grip is available to buy from the Speck store for about $40 (£30 / AU$55).

5. Moment Battery Photo Case 

Moment shipped the very first MFi-approved Battery Photo Case compatible with iPhone X and the new iPhone XS. Not only is it compatible with the company's range of lenses, it also boasts a 3,100mAh built-in battery for charging your iPhone on the go, plus wireless charging support means you can place it on any Qi-compatible charging pad.

But that's not all. Moment's case comes equipped two-stage shutter button for taking photos (pressing down halfway focuses the lens and a full press takes the picture). It even comes with an integrated Lightning port for charging and a handy neck strap.

You can pick up the case on Moment's website for $100 (£76, AU$137). 

6. Dog & Bone Wetsuit Impact Waterproof case

 Whatever life throws at your iPhone, the added protection this Wetsuit Impact case provides should keep it out of harm's way. It sports 360 degrees of water, shock, snow, and dirt protection, thanks in no small part to a flexible glass impact screen that has an anti-fingerprint coating.

The transparent design keeps your iPhone's back on show, and despite its strong defenses against knocks, drops and scratches, it's actually quite slim and lightweight, so it won't slow you down either.

You can pick up the Wetsuit Impact case on Dog & Bone's website for $80 (£60, AU$110).

 7. Sandmarc Telephoto Lens Edition 

 Quality cases geared towards improving smartphone photography are few and far between, but with the Telephoto Lens Edition for iPhone XS, Sandmarc has pulled out the stops to create a super-thin case-and-lens-mount that protects your device on intrepid shoots.

Images taken with the 4X telephoto zoom are remarkably free of the ghosting that often plagues lesser lenses, and most pictures expose with very little flare, to really elevate this smart case system. It even includes a clip-on mount if you want to switch cases and keep on snapping from afar. What's not to like?

You can pick up the Telephoto Lens case on Sandmarc's website for $100 (£76, AU$137).

8. Mujjo Full Leather Wallet Case 

 If you're a fan of leather cases, you can't go wrong with the sweet-smelling Mujjo label. Each protective case uses full-grain vegetable-tanned leather, which looks great when you first start using it, and even better after it's had a chance to patina.

The unique leather covering extends to the buttons on its Wallet case, which protects the screen edges from drops by rising a millimeter above the edge of the glass. On the back, there's a sleek pocket for your bank cards, while the camera opening and mute button are tapered inwards to avoid intrusion and maintain the smooth, unique aesthetic.

You can pick up this leather wallet case on Mujjo's website for $57 (£44, AU$79).

Moshi StealthCover

9. Moshi StealthCover

With "military grade protection" and a magnetic cover, Moshi's StealthCover range for the new iPhone models is not only sturdy, but it also allows you to look at your screen without flipping open the cover.

The folio-style case has a translucent cover, so you can check your notifications and even make FaceTime calls while keeping your screen protected. 

The StealthCover is available for around $52 (£40 / AU$75).

Greenwich AW18 Collection

10. Greenwich AW18 Collection

Luxury British leather accessories brand Greenwich has unveiled its new line of iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR cases, with carbon fibre plating, electroplated edging, and a handy cardholder on the inside of the cover.

The new cases are crafted from the same leather used by Bentley Motors, so as you can expect, they are pretty pricey at about $125 (£95 / AU$175).

Ted Baker AW18 Phase 2

11. Ted Baker AW18 Phase 2

Fashion house Ted Baker has teamed up with mobile accessories maker Proporta for this new range of stylish phone cases for the new iPhone models. 

Coming in a range of designs including bold florals, sleek black and gold, and geometric shapes, it's the perfect case for fashionistas who want to look good on the go - thanks to an inbuilt mirror on the inside cover. 

The new range is available from Proporta and starts at around $45 (£35 / $AU65).

Apple Silicone case

12. Apple Silicone case

Unsurprisingly, Apple has launched its own range of cases to fit the new iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, with this silicone case designed to fit snugly over the new model - plus it supports wireless charging. 

Coming in nine colors, they cost $39 (£45 / around AU$80).

Case Mate

13. Case Mate

If you're looking for something more fun than functional, take a look at the new iPhone XS/XS Max/XR-friendly cases from Case Mate. There's a huge range of designs to choose from, including gold glitter, stylish tortoiseshell and even real dried flowers embedded in clear resin (not yet available for the new iPhones, but we're crossing our fingers).

Prices start from around $50 (about £40 / AU$75) for the new iPhone cases and they are available from the Case Mate website.

14. Gear4 Victoria

For around $40 (£30 / AU$55) , the Gear4 Victoria case for iPhone X/XS promises military standard protection, and has been drop-tested at 10ft.

It uses D30, which is reportedly the thinnest impact protection material in the world, and is also used for military helmets, industrial gear, and protective sports equipment like football helmets.

With a slim design and scratch resistance, the Victoria case is an unobtrusive option for protecting your expensive new iPhone. 

15. Casetify Impact 

Protective phone cases often sacrifice fashion for functionality, but not so with the new Caseify Impact range, which combines cute and colorful designs with practical shock absorbing technology. 

All Impact iPhone XS cases and Impact iPhone XS Max cases retail for around $50 (£40 / AU$70). Impact iPhone XR cases retail for about $60 (£45 / AU$80), available for purchase online at

16. Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet

If you're an old fashioned type who likes to get their thoughts down onto paper, the Snakehive Vintage Leather Wallet could be the perfect way to combine your love for old and new technology.

With a handy pocket to keep your notes safe and credit card slot, these sophisticated-looking cases are available for iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR for $29.99 (£24.95, around AU$45).

Tim Hardwick contributed to this Best iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max cases page.