Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon is just a few parsecs from its lowest-ever price right now

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The Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon is arguably one of the most impressive Lego sets money can buy, but sadly you need a good chunk of cash to get it. But thanks to this early Black Friday sale it’s now the cheapest it's ever been. 

Right now you can get the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon for £551.24 at John Lewis. That’s a healthy £183 sliced off this seriously impressive set. And the price is close to the lowest we’ve seen the Falcon go for (£548). We don’t expect the price to drop below this even on Black Friday itself (November 24) so this deal could be well worth jumping on before it sells out. 

Early Black Friday Star Wars Lego deal

Lego UCS Millennium Falcon: £734.99£551.24 at John Lewis

Lego UCS Millennium Falcon: was £734.99 now £551.24 at John Lewis
If you want one of the biggest building challenges Lego can provide, then this 7,542-piece Millennium Falcon from the Lego Star Wars Ultimate Collectors Series is the one for you. And with £183 sliced off its original price tag, the force is strong with this early Black Friday deal. If it's sold out at John Lewis, then Argos has the model on sale for £588

Now, £500 plus is a lot to spend on Lego, especially as there are a load more Lego Star Wars sets that have price tags that are much easier to swallow. But this is no mere Millennium Falcon replica. 

The Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon is a 7,542-piece behemoth. It renders all the nooks and crannies, sensors and blasters of the iconic Star Wars ship in detail, with the look of Lego really complementing the lived-in style of Star Wars ships. 

Now I’m more of a traditional Lego fan, but having tried out a Lego Star Wars set recently, I’ve become more of a convert. Not only is the building process very satisfying, seeing a ship take shape layer upon layer, but I think the models look superb, even when placed on an unassuming shelf. 

You’ll need a fair bit of space for the Ultimate Collector Series Millennium Falcon as it’s one of the largest Lego models around. But if you’ve been hankering for something to draw the eyes of guests or be the centre of a gaming/entertainment room, then this is the Millennium Falcon you're looking for. 

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