Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V review

Compact performance redefined

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The RX100 V is one of the most advanced compacts we’ve seen, with a specification dripping with advanced features that would shame some pricier mirrorless and DSLR cameras.

This isn't entirely a good thing however – the RX100 V is almost too advanced for its own good, and you have to question how many photographers actually need this level in performance in a pocket camera. Being able to burst-shoot at 24fps is great, but with a 2.9x optical zoom its application is pretty limited.

It can also be a frustrating camera to use on occasion. We don’t want to bang on about the absence of a touchscreen, but it would transform the handling, while the absence of a decent hand grip is also disappointing – at the very least the AG-R2 grip should be included in the box when you consider the RX100 V's price.

If it sounds like we’re being a bit harsh on the RX100 V, we’re not meaning to be. There’s no question that it’s a fabulous camera, and a brilliant showcase for some of Sony’s best camera tech, and it will certainly have a pull for those with deep pockets who are looking for a highly-capable compact stills and video camera. But there are more affordable alternatives out there which, while they might not offer the same jaw-dropping performance as the RX100 V, are still great premium compacts in their own right.


Phil Hall

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