Dell Streak review: Comparison

The inclusion of Android 2.2 definitely means this latest version of the Streak beats its predecessor, but we can't help but think it should be a little smoother. It didn't seem as fast as you would want a Froyo device to be. Any time a selection box springs into view, it looks a little like a flicker book animation.

Compare the smooth interface of the Desire HD or the Nexus S and the Dell Streak is left looking like the slower device.

Dell streak review nexus s comparision

Likewise, if you compare Dell's Stage Launcher next to HTC's Sense UI, the Dell version comes off second-best once again. It does look nice, but the polish just isn't as good as HTC's UI.

There are no spinning dials to select a time, no fancy weather animations floating across your homescreen. Tap the weather on the Streaks Stage Launcher and instead of animations, a browser opens to load a weather website.

Dell streak review alarm

The hardware of the Streak stands up well to the current crop of top-end Android (and non-Android) devices. If a nice large, clear screen is very important to you, you'll probably be better off with this over the Desire HD.

On the other hand, if you're not intending to use the device much as an actual phone for voice calls, you might be better off getting a Samsung Galaxy Tab with a SIM in it. Although it's two inches larger than the Streak, it will probably fit in the same pockets a Streak would, and you get even more screen real estate to play with. Also, Samsung devices generally play a little nicer with a wider variety of video codecs.