Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

The ultimate media tablet for Windows 10 fans

TabPro S

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The Samsung TabPro S is an ambitious tablet that aims to dethrone the Surface Pro 4 as the world's best Windows 10 tablet while showing up the iPad Pro with a full build of Windows 10. And, I have to say, Samsung has accomplished this in some regards.

This is easily one of the thinnest and most premium Windows 10 tablets I've used. Couple that with an affordable price, and it's sure to draw plenty of attention. But, while this device is great as a standalone tablet, I hope Samsung or third-party accessory makers can come up with a better keyboard base that's so essential to the experience.

We liked

There's no overstating how incredibly thin this 12-inch tablet is. You could easily mistake it for an Android tablet if it weren't for Microsoft's OS running on the device.

Samsung has taken its years of experience developing slates to make a nigh-pristine Windows device with a vibrant screen, punchy speakers, market-rate battery life and reliable performance.

We disliked

There's nothing wrong with the TabPro S alone, but the keyboard base it comes bundled with ends up dragging down the experience of using this 12-inch tablet. It's simply too wobbly, and a trackpad that's a smidge larger would be welcome.

In this case, Samsung's experience in building Android tablets is a double-edged sword. While Samsung brought its winning tablet design to Windows and a keyboard cover that would be fine for its stellar Android slates, this one is simply not suitable for a laptop replacement.

Final verdict

The Samsung TabPro S has left me smitten. It is, hands down, the best Windows 10 tablet for watching video and reading online. This should come as no surprise considering the company's rich history of Android devices.

That said, the keyboard case is a major let down. It's works well when you grab it out of your bag and set it on a table, but it's almost too unstable to safely use on your lap. Plus, you'll need a place to throw the keyboard accessory whenever you want to use the TabPro S as a straight tablet.

As it stands – or attempts to – the TabPro S only works perfectly if you use it in the exact way Samsung has envisioned. But, damn, is this one slick Windows 10 tablet.

Kevin Lee

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