Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

The ultimate media tablet for Windows 10 fans

TabPro S

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Although the TabPro S is one incredibly thin tablet, it also packs a punch, thanks to its Intel Core m3 processor. It is easily able to handle the stress of a full work day of managing a dozen Google and Microsoft Word documents, snappy web research and, of course, cat GIF-filled chat windows.

You won't be able to game much on this device shy of Solitaire, Hearthstone and other card related games. But, this is where streaming through the Xbox One and Steam for PCs comes in to save the day.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review


Here's how the Samsung Galaxy TabPro S performed in our suite of benchmark tests:

  • 3DMark: Cloud Gate: 3,561; Sky Diver: 2,097; Fire Strike: 496
  • Cinebench CPU: 201 points; Graphics: 29 fps
  • GeekBench: 2,378 (single-core); 4,713 (multi-core)
  • PCMark 8 (Home Test): 2,092 points
  • PCMark 8 Battery Life: 4 hours and 40 minutes

Looking at the raw performance numbers is surprising, with the TabPro S sitting on the bottom rung of processing power. In the GeekBench test, the iPad Pro rated higher with 5,472 points, and the (Intel Core i5-toting) Surface Pro 4 performed even better with a score of 6,649.

Of course, numbers are just one thing. Even though the iPad Pro proves to be faster in one test, it's still limited to running only apps designed for iOS. The Surface Pro 4 and TabPro S, don't have to adhere to the same restrictions and can run more heavy duty applications, like CAD and Adobe Premier.

Still, you'll have the most luck running anything on the Microsoft's slate, thanks to its headier Core i5 processor and higher-end integrated graphics.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

Screen and speakers

OLED displays are just starting to hit the laptop world this year, and so the TabPro S' Super AMOLED screen comes as a unique and pleasing treat. The panel is super bright, enough to show the sun and glare who's boss while rendering gorgeously deep colors.

The extremely high contrast just helps everything pop and even makes text look sharper. Like most other 12-inch devices, Samsung also made the jump to 2K (2,160 × 1,440 pixels, to be specific) resolution. It's a few ticks above 1080p, and the added resolution is a welcome addition that doesn't seem to put a dent in battery life or performance.

This slate's speakers are also a surprising treat. Though they're oriented to the sides, rather than being forward firing, they still project clear and loud audio for both music and videos. There isn't any pronounced bass, but the stereo speakers were punchy enough to convey the brawling action scenes in Daredevil's second season.

Samsung Galaxy TabPro S review

Battery life

The TabPro S lasts surprisingly long given its extremely thin body. The 12-inch tablet lasted for an impressive 4 hours and 40 minutes while running down the PCMark 8 battery test and 6 hours and 6 minutes on techradar's standard movie test – a continuous loop of Guardians of the Galaxy at 50% screen brightness and volume.

With streaming media, you can expect even longer run times. During a long Netflix binge, the TabPro S predicted nearly lasted for its projected 10.5 hours of battery life. Thanks to Samsung's fast charging technology, you'll also be up and running in just under 2 hours and 30 minutes, too.

By comparison, the Surface Pro lasted a shorter 5 hours and 15 minutes, though, this might be partially a fault of Microsoft's shaky firmware for its main tablet. On the other hand, the iPad Pro lasted for a closer six hours.

Overall, Samsung's tablet takes a tiny lead, but these results are par for the course for most 12-inch slates available today.

Bundled software

Samsung has a reputation for bloatware, thanks to all the little "S" apps it has dropped on its Android platform. But, the firm has been cleaning up its act, and there are only four preloaded apps – and they're all useful in their own right.

  • Samsung Update – Your portal to official Samsung firmware and software updates.
  • Samsung Recover – This app will help you create a recovery point in the event your system becomes inoperable.
  • Samsung Flow – Arriving later this April, Flow is the replacement for SideSync, and it will allow you to pair the TabPro S with a Samsung phone. Features include one-touch hotspot connection and biometric logins using the phone's fingerprint scanner.
  • Online Support (S-Service) – Similar to the Helpout app formerly available on the Samsung Chromebook 2, this app provides a direct line of online support for the tablet. Help desk agents can even take direct control of the tablet – with your permission, of course.
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