Disgo 8400G review

At £150 it's hard not to consider the 8400G

Disgo 8400G review
Cheap and cheerful is the name of the game

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Web browsing is one of the main stays of the tablet PC, and thankfully the Disgo 8400G packs in Android's native browser.

Running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean does mean that Chrome is also downloadable, however in our opinion there isn't a massive difference. There are also numerous others available on the Play Store.

Given our previous gripes with the hardware, we found browsing the web a pleasant experience. Pages didn't load blisteringly fast over Wi-Fi or on 3G, although we found the full TechRadar site useable in around 10 seconds over both connections.

Disgo 8400G review

Zooming in and out wasn't the most fluid of experiences, although pages still looked crisp even when zoomed in.

Text reflow is available, although isn't instantaneous. Zoom in to the required level, then double tap the screen. A minor niggle really, but makes the 8400G seem a little less intuitive. Better than not having it at all, mind.

Disgo 8400G review

Within the Browser menu, there are a host of features that are familiar to those who've used Google's Chrome browser before, such as adding new tabs, incognito browsing (so you can buy that present for your partner without them finding out..), requesting desktop sites (as mobile sites are loaded by default), and save pages as images for offline browsing.

It is also simple to bookmark pages, and access the bookmarks and history, via little icons in the upper right corner of the URL bar.

Disgo 8400G review

Within the settings menu, you can tweak the more advanced features of the Android browser; the home page, security settings, accessibility for zoom features as well as being able to enable or disable JavaScript and other plug ins (ideal for saving data).

You can also set bandwidth settings, to stop the 8400G from loading images and preloading videos, saving even more data.

Flash doesn't come preinstalled, and isn't available from the Play Store, unsurprising given that Adobe has stopped supporting it, however the rise in other standards such as HTML5 make up for its exclusion.