Disgo 8400G review

At £150 it's hard not to consider the 8400G

Disgo 8400G review
Cheap and cheerful is the name of the game

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Given that many budget offerings eschew the Play Store, it was very nice to see that the Disgo 8400G comes with Google's proprietary store.

Apple has managed to dominate this area, having been offering apps and media through its App and iTunes stores for many years now, however Google has made many recent strides with the move away from the Android Market to the Play Store meaning that Google's offering has become heavily populated with apps and media.

Disgo 8400G review

Amazon's foray into the tablet world was similarly built around media consumption, so their store is also very well populated, but the Play Store more than holds its own.

Browsing the Play Store is pleasant, with apps, music, books,magazines and movies being given their own separate areas, with gaming apps being given a further separate arena.

Each area is split into large tiles, populated with photographs and colourful text, making it easy to select what you are after.

Disgo 8400G review

Accessing downloaded media through the Play Books, Play Magazines, Play Music and Play Videos apps which you are prompted to download if you download and subsequently try to open your new media.

Play Books is a particularly attractive app, with page turning effects and the ability to move pages with the volume keys.

Disgo 8400G review

With Google's purchase/install records being managed via the cloud, it makes it simple to manage your apps across multiple Android devices, as well as being able to view your media on the web.

The Disgo 800G also comes with BBC iPlayer preinstalled, with other on demand services being available for download from the Google Play Store.

Disgo 8400G review

In all, the Disgo 8400G is not ideal for media consumption. The microSD slot means it is ideal for storing media on, but the screen is too small and too poor for serious media browsing. It is also too heavy a tablet to be considered for any serious ebook reading.

As a tablet for kids, however, to play cartoons and picture friendly books, the 8400G is almost perfect.