As mentioned earlier, the Disgo 8400G comes preinstalled with the Google Play Store App, which makes browsing for apps and media a pleasant experience, holding its own against the Apple App Store. Google's cloud service also allows your app purchases to be synced across to other devices.

Google splits up its app offerings into categories, with general apps and games being split into two categories, and then both being split further still. Games and apps are also viewable by Top Free, Top Paid, Top Grossing, Top New Free and Top New Paid.

Disgo 8400G review

These categories are very useful to help you filter out the poorer apps that aren't filtered otherwise. We must point out though, given the recent media attention, that Google has yet to implement a way of pre-warning you to in app purchases in the same way that Apple has in its App Store.

One of the major bonus points that Android has over other OS' is its customisability. For instance, should you not like the messaging app or the keyboard on the 8400G, it is simple to download a new one, like Handcent SMS or Swype. It is also possible to install custom apps from other sources, including other app stores.

Disgo 8400G review

The 8400G also packs in the SlideMe Market app. The SlideMe app is also well designed, and can be signed into via Facebook. Apps are grouped into categories, with a screen of featured apps showing up when you first load SlideMe.

We were a little disappointed to find that all payments are managed in USD, meaning that for non US users, you have to manually calculate costs in your own currency. This was even more frustrating given that local apps were set to the UK.

Disgo 8400G review

Playing games was a little difficult given the lack of power under the hood, we found ourselves sat waiting for a little while whilst games loaded.

The Disgo 8400G also became noticeably slower whilst apps downloaded, and took a couple of seconds redraw the home screen when exiting.

Disgo 8400G review

One major bonus for app management is that in the settings menu you can set the default install location; from internal storage to SD card, or let the system decide.

This is particularly useful as the Disgo 8400G comes with only 4GB internal storage, that can fill up quickly if you don't actively manage your storage.

Disgo 8400G review

Mapping wise we were pleased to say that GPS and A-GPS are both out in full force, which means, should you desire, the 8400G can be turned into a full satnav.

Google's mapping and navigation systems both come preinstalled. GPS locked on after a few seconds, not lightning fast, but not disappointing.