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Hanns.G HP222DJ0 review

Are there too many compromises in this budget screen?

Hanns.G HP222DJ0
16:10 monitors are hanging on in a 16:9 world

Our Verdict

If you've literally no more than £135, this will do nicely, but an extra £10 buys a lot more screen.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Reasonable image quality


  • Not Full HD
  • Lacks vibrancy and contrast

Is there a point at which a cut-price screen becomes a false economy? It's certainly tempting to think the Hanns.G HP222DJ0 is plenty cheap, but not particularly cheerful.

After all, by at least one obvious metric it's well behind the competition. This is an old school 16:10 aspect ratio screen where the rest of the known universe has gone 16:9. The old-school means full 1080p HD is not on the menu here. Instead, you must make do with 1,680 x 1,050.

Of course, you're only losing out to the tune of 30 vertical pixels. It's the horizontal that really hurts, down from 1,920 pixels. Making matters worse, LG's E2350 is available for about £10 extra. Not only does that screen offer the full-HD 1080p pixel grid, it's also an inch bigger and packs an LED backlight, no less. The Hanns.G HP222DJ0 has a seriously tough fight on its hands.

Power consumption
Watts at: maximum / approx 170cd/m2 – lower is better
Hanns.G HP222DJ0: 25W / 18W
LG E2350: 28W / 19W
Iiyama E2271HDS: 21W / 16W