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Toshiba NB305-105 review

This netbook updates Toshiba's lineup and offers impressive portability

Toshiba NB305-105
The latest netbook from Toshiba comes with a spacious 250GB hard drive for storing all your files

Our Verdict

Although it has some nice features, it doesn't lift its head high enough from the burgeoning netbook market for us to recommend whole-heartedly. However, if you're looking for something cheap and cheerful then this will suit you fine


  • Good screen
  • Battery life


  • Some flex on lid
  • Standard netbook performance

Toshiba's NB200 netbook stood out with its fantastic usability and sharp, vibrant screen and is now followed by the NB305-105, another worthy entry to the bustling netbook market.

The 10.1-inch LED backlit screen offers a 1024 x 600-pixel resolution and is typically sharp and bright. This helps to counter any reflectivity from the glossy Super-TFT coating. Colours are well reproduced and images are truly a pleasure to view.

Build quality is excellent, with a durable and attractive chassis holding everything together well. We found the lid showed only a slight degree of flex under pressure, while the hinges are reassuringly solid.


Portability is another of the Toshiba's strong points, with an impressive 476 minutes of battery life on offer. While its 1.4kg weight means it isn't the lightest netbook, it is still small and light enough to comfortably carry about every day.

The isolated-style keyboard stretches the length of the chassis and the spaces between keys make touch-typing a breeze. However, we found the spacebar to be unresponsive at times on our test model.

The large touchpad offers a smooth, comfortable action, although can occasionally be brushed by accident.

An energy-saving Atom N450 processor is in place and provides basic office performance for browsing the web or typing up documents.

As with most netbooks, the NB305 uses integrated graphics, which provides decent performance for viewing photos and films.

Three USB ports are available for connecting external devices, with one offering Toshiba's Sleep and Charge functionality, allowing portable gadgets such as MP3 players to be charged even when the netbook is switched off. 802.11n Wi-Fi provides high-speed wireless network connectivity.

Overall, the NB305 is a well-built machine that is easy to recommend for its excellent battery life and screen.

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