Toshiba Regza 32RV635DB

The Japanese company unveils probably the best £450 32" LCD TV ever

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Our Verdict

If there's a better way to spend £450, we're not aware of it


  • Good pictures
  • Deep blacks
  • Good with SD sources


  • Usual audio issues

It's no surprise that the Toshiba 32RV635 is one of the more affordable LCD TVs, though it's far from the cheapest set in Toshiba's current range. This means that it has a number of unexpected features compared to similarly priced rivals.

For starters, the LCD panel boasts a Full HD resolution and there are an impressive four HDMI inputs, which should be enough for any HD gadget lover. Further connections include a USB port for displaying digital snaps and a hook-up for your PC alongside all the usual suspects.

Most impressive of all, however, is the video processing that quietly works its magic behind the scenes. This consists of Toshiba's consistently reliable Active Vision II system and Resolution+, which is one of the best upscalers in the business, enhancing both the sharpness and detail of standard-definition sources.

But the good stuff doesn't stop there, there is also a colour management tool, which enables users to tweak the individual red, green, yellow, blue, magenta and cyan colour elements. You can even turn off the individual red, green and blue colours, to make colour calibration easier.

Set-up is further aided by the static gamma slider, which enables you to choose your preferred black/white balance.

How do they do it?

Considering the appealing glossy finish and minimal design, it's difficult to understand precisely how Toshiba is able to offer this screen at such a generous price, particularly when you look at its performance.

It achieves a decent black level, for instance, certainly one much more 'grey-free' than any other sub-£500 32in TV. This is especially true if you watch in a darkened room and can sacrifice image brightness in the pursuit of deeper blacks.

HD pictures, meanwhile, are outstandingly sharp and are on a par with the best models at this price. Add to this already potent brew some well-saturated and bright colours, and surprisingly little motion blur for a budget TV, and you've got a picture miles better than any screen under £500.

We've gone on at some length in previous reviews about how standard definition signals (particularly from Freeview broadcasts) so often highlight even the best TVs' shortcomings, but there are no such concerns visible here. Resolution+ ensures that broadcasts and DVDs are crisp, clean and free from noise.

One word of advice, though: don't set it any higher than '3' as the picture starts to become very messy.

Inevitably, the 32RV635 isn't without its flaws. Some colours look a little unbalanced, the viewing angle is fairly limited and there are some minor backlight inconsistencies in the corners. While motion smearing is generally absent, judder tends to be fairly evident, especially when watching Blu-rays.

Sound, meanwhile, is neither ground-breaking nor disastrous. Like so many budget screens, it's a touch thin and bass-free, while volume is lacking. Having said that, it's still one of the best, if not the best value screen for under £500.

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