Our Verdict

Crosstalk-free 3D and excellent picture quality makes this a special, if a little tricky to operate, home cinema TV


  • Unbeatable contrast
  • Peak whites
  • Crosstalk-free 3D
  • Incredible detail
  • Bright colour


  • Freview EPG
  • Lacklustre user interface
  • Cluttered remote

Last year saw the debut of 3D TVs from major manufacturers, but one or two of the big brands lagged behind. Sharp, the biggest TV brand in Japan and maker of the LCD panels behind Sony Bravia TVs such as the KDL-40NX703 (to name but one of its customers), had an excuse for lateness; Quattron.

Updated to work on its first 3D TV, the Sharp LC-60LE925E, late in 2010, the technology sees its second generation on this 46-inch LE831 series TV.

For anyone who missed it, Quattron was a genuinely innovative attempt to take picture quality to the next stage. As the name just about suggests, Quattron is a four-colour system that adds yellow to the normal red, green and blue (RGB) mix in every pixel on a flat screen TV.

Four-play over, the Sharp LC-46LE831E has more to tempt in a relatively high-end package. Its chief attraction is 3D, for which Sharp favours active technology. That it's not prepared to sacrifice any detail by employing the potentially lower-res passive 3D tech is hardly surprising, considering its clear obsession with picture quality.

And while we're half expecting cheaper passive 3D sets to dominate the mass-market before long (more and more brands seem to be adopting it), the LC-46LE831E seems destined for home cinemas, and therefore can afford to use the more precise and pricier active 3D system.

Although the quality of the image suggests that a direct or full LED array is being used, that's not the case – it fooled us at first, but this is in fact an edge LED system.

Just 34mm in depth, the Sharp LC-46LE831E boasts a svelte design indeed. To our mind, that's slim enough. This telly sports an inverted vee in the centre below the screen and touch-sensitive controls in the bottom right-hand corner that light up when touched. It's a classy look indeed.