LG 37le5900

The cool, superslim aesthetic is maximised by a smart bezel infused with a subtle touch of red.

Connections are remarkably extensive for such an affordable edge LED set, with four HDMI jacks, and an expansive set of ports to help the TV engage with the ever-expanding multimedia universe.

These kick off with an Ethernet socket there, first and foremost, to support the TV's built-in Freeview HD tuner. But the port can also be used to jack into files stored on a networked PC, or to take the TV online with NetCast.

The set also carries a D-Sub PC port, and not one but two USB inputs. Having a brace of these enables you to use the set's Wi-Fi capablilty (via an optional dongle) and enjoy its various multimedia playback facilities without having to swap inputs.

Online features?

While online features are welcome, the lack of available content on the NetCast platform is a drag. The current options are limited to AccuWeather, the inevitable YouTube and the Picasa photo sharing site.

Given how much extra content is available via the online services from rival brands, LG really needs to get busy signing content deals as quickly as possible over the next few months.

A couple of years ago wireless AV delivery systems were all the rage, with just about every brand promising to do away with boring old cables sooner rather than later. This this concept hasn't really taken hold, with LG's Wireless Control system a case in point.

The 37LE5900 has a port on its rear for adding an optional extra wireless system, capable of shipping full 1080p video and digital audio from source to screen.

This facility isn't marketed in any meaningful way, though, and UK websites selling the relevant add-on kit are extremely scarce.

Motion processing

Probably the main thing going on picture processing-wise is LG's 100Hz TruMotion system, for increasing the fluidity and clarity of moving objects as they zip around the screen. But while this has its moments, the best thing about the 37LE5900's features is the number of picture calibration tools at your disposal.

With such goodies as a full colour management system, 10-point gamma correction and various contrast and noise reduction options, it's little wonder that the set comes with two picture preset options designed to be used by an Imaging Science Foundation representative for professional calibration.

It's unlikely that many of the target audience for this particular set will bother stumping the money for professional calibration, but the option is there if you want to use it and it flag the TV's customisable nature to more knowledgeable customers.

In a typically LG touch, though, the 37LE5900 doesn't let its interest in appealing to the enthusiast market blind it to the more straightforward, simplicity-first needs of the majority of the TV-buying public. And so the features list also contains a Picture Wizard which, like the various similar systems now found on computers, guides you through the picture calibration basics in foolproof fashion.