LG 37le5900 4

The 37LE5900's audio isn't bad for a super-slim set. Vocals are reasonably well rounded and convincing, be they shrill children's voices or gruff male ones, music sounds light and punchy, and the set even manages to shift up half a gear when pushed by the extreme range of a good action film.
That said, the 37LE5900 certainly can't hold a candle to the best efforts from, say, Philips or Loewe.

The 37LE5900's low price initially makes it seem like a bargain, but you spend with one, the more the less of a steal it seems. So much so, in fact, that it's difficult to recommend that anyone hunts one down, even for the £600 for which it has been seen to go on the internet.

Ease of use

The aforementioned Picture Wizard is just one of a number of ways in which the 37LE5900 is superbly easy to use.

Another key element is the peerless onscreen menu system. This is due partly to the big, clear icons that dominate the main menu, partly to the simple logic of the structure of all the menus and partly to how careful LG has been to 'build up' the complexity of the option, enabling you to delve as deeply, or as superficially, as you dare.

The remote control is decent, too. It's a bit plasticky, and somewhat cluttered, but using it proves a pleasingly logical and fuss-free experience, thanks to the prominence given to the most important buttons.