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Grundig GUFSAT01HD review

There's plenty going on in this small receiver

Our Verdict

Good performance across the board, this is a great value HD receiver


  • Easy to use
  • Good SD and HD images


  • Poor onscreen graphics
  • Silly parental lock

The Grundig GUFSAT01HD and Bush BFSAT01HD are extremely similar in all ways.

They perform the same functions, to the same standards, in the same ways.

The only real differences are the name on the front panel (and the remote), the superficial looks of the receivers and the price. For no apparent reason the GUFSAT01HD costs £30 more than the BFSAT01HD (even though the SD boxes are the same price). The price is not fixed and it may be that you find (or soon find) the actual prices charged in shops for the two boxes come together.

Compact receiver

The GUFSAT01HD is very small for a satellite receiver (more in line with a budget Freeview receiver) and the power supply is housed separately in the mains plug.

On the back panel is the same array of socketry sported by the Bush model - a single LNB input and loopthrough, HDMI output socket, two Scart sockets for SD TV and VCR/DVD recorder, digital audio output and data connections in the form of RS232 and Ethernet sockets.

The GUFSAT01HD provides menus for setup and tuning the receiver (a slow process taking about 8.5 minutes to scan the satellites for active channels), altering the outputs (RGB or composite from the TV Scart and the display format from the HDMI socket), the widescreen format, the default language (English, Welsh or Gaelic) and for accessing the EPG and channel list.

Intuitive menus

Any channel can be locked to prevent access by viewers too young for its content and released for viewing with a PIN code. However, once unlocked, the channel stays accessible, even if you tune to another channel, until the receiver is turned off and on again - rendering the parental lock mostly useless.

All the onscreen menus are also rather chunky and crude in design; no attempt has been made to make use of the high-resolution display available with this machine. In fact, by and large, the graphics are cruder than those found on most SD satellite receivers.

But the menus are easy to use and the actual TV pictures and sound received and displayed by the GUFSAT01HD are excellent.

Competitive value

This receiver will not win a great many fans among satellite enthusiasts who are keen to seek out new or obscure broadcasts in SD and HD from around the world.

But for giving access to the UK channels broadcasting in the clear - and to the increasing number of HD channels starting up - the Grundig GUFSAT01HD is only really beaten for sheer value for money by its stablemate from Bush.