Samsung might make a big change to the Galaxy Z Flip 6's cover screen

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5 closed in a hand
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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip 6 might introduce a surprising downgrade as a leaked specs sheet recently surfaced, and it was discovered that the cover screen will feature an IPS LCD panel instead of an AMOLED display. 

That would be a big change as every Z Flip before this forthcoming model featured an AMOLED. According to 9To5Google, the screen size will measure 3.4 inches at a 720 x 748 resolution, similar to the Z Flip 5.

It’s a move that has baffled people online, especially considering that AMOLED displays allow for higher-quality visual outputs compared to LCD. Colors are more vibrant, black shades are darker, and the tech is even energy efficient. 

So why is Samsung opting for an arguably worse screen than AMOLED? Tom’s Guide believes there are two reasons for the change.

First, LCD panels are “less prone to screen burn… so therefore tend to last longer.” Samsung might prefer a more durable part. Second, they’re “cheaper to produce than OLED” displays. There has been a rumor that the Z Flip 6 is seeing a price increase to $1,099, and the company might be looking to make extra money on its upcoming smartphone.

However, news site SamMobile disagrees, claiming that the Galaxy Z Flip 6 will not have an LCD cover screen and will retain the AMOLED display. They explain that the “Samsung employee [who] created [the] leaked spec sheet made a typo.” It’s unknown how true this is as the publication doesn’t mention their source or how they received the information. The claim could be totally baseless, so take it with a grain of salt.

Interpreter upgrade

In addition to the cover screen changes, “leaked marketing materials published by [insider] Evan Blass” reveal Samsung is upgrading Interpreter mode on both the Z Flip 6 and Z Fold 6. Interpreter, if you’re not familiar with them, give users an easier time engaging in conversations in other languages. You speak into the microphone, the tool quickly translates your words, and the text appears in another language at the bottom.

The Interpreter update would utilize the outer screen on the foldables, “showing translations to the other” person. You won’t have to flip the phone around since text will appear on both sides. Images in the marketing materials suggest the feature only works in Flex Mode, meaning the device is open halfway. The Pixel Fold has a similar ability but must be fully open.

Samsung is scheduled to hold its next Galaxy Unpacked event on July 10. We'll know for sure what these smartphones are capable of, so be sure to stay tuned to our coverage of the big day.

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