Report: Samsung's Galaxy S25 series might ditch the Plus model

Galaxy S24 Ultra
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Model numbers for Samsung’s Galaxy S25 and S25 Ultra have recently surfaced online, but the same can't be said for the S25 Plus. 

News site Android Headlines noticed this discrepancy after diving into the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) database. When a tech company creates or develops a new smartphone, it uploads model numbers to the database, which are used to help track lost or stolen devices. It’s also how people learn about the phones before their official announcement.

Android Headlines found SM-S931B/DS, which is likely for the standard Galaxy S25 model. The S25 Ultra has four under its name: SM-S938B for Global, SM-S938U for the United States, SM-S938N for South Korea, and SM-S9380. However, it’s unknown if the last entry is attached to a specific country. The absence of the S25 Plus IMEI number has led the publication to believe that perhaps Samsung will focus on just two models for the next generation.

They point out how “previous Plus models have struggled to meet sales expectations.” Customers don’t really like them since they seemingly prefer the two extremes: the base phone and the Ultra. Additionally, Samsung has a history of streamlining its lineups. There used to be four smartphones every year, but ever since 2021, we have only seen three.

They argue that removing the S25 Plus to simplify things could push more people to adopt the S25 Ultra instead. It’s a sound theory, admittedly, but it may be a flawed one.

Dubious rumors

GalaxyClub, a Dutch news site specializing in Galaxy tech, states Samsung is not deviating from three phone lineups and will, in fact, launch the S25 Plus next January. It’s been given the model number SM-S936 and is apparently referred to internally as F2 (the Galaxy S25 is F1 while the S25 Ultra is F3).

The website “has a solid track record for upcoming Samsung releases,” which is why they’re being given the benefit of the doubt. It’s unknown why the Galaxy S25 Plus didn’t appear on the IMEI database, though.

9To5Google believes that perhaps the company just never uploaded the info since the launch of the S25 series is still months away. Still, the exclusion of the S25 Plus is worth watching. 

The future series is shaping up to be an interesting one. Other leaks have claimed they’ll sport “significant design changes” and house larger batteries compared to the S24 line. 

As with every leak, take everything you read here with a grain of salt. Be sure to check out TechRadar's roundup of the best Samsung phones for 2024.

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