iOS 17.2 promises to fix your wonky Wi-Fi connection issues

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The iPhone 15 Plus will be in line for iOS 17.2 (Image credit: Future | Alex Walker-Todd)

Every iOS update comes with bug fixes attached, and iOS 17.2 is no different: currently in beta form, the upcoming software upgrade promises to fix Wi-Fi connectivity problems that have been troubling some iPhone owners.

This comes from iClarified (via MacRumors): Apple has apparently confirmed to iClarified directly that several Wi-Fi issues experienced by users running iOS 17 and iOS 17.1 are going to be patched up when iOS 17.2 rolls out to everyone.

Those issues include "slow webpage loads, constant buffering, and frequent connection drops" according to the team at iClarified, which also sent feedback about these problems directly to Apple (you can send feedback too, anytime you like).

Bear in mind that the update is still in beta testing at the moment, and more features may be added over time – like a new translation option for the Action Button. When iOS 17.2 is officially launched, we should also get an official list of what's included in it.

More than one problem

Wi-Fi issues usually crop up for a certain subsection of users whenever iOS is updated. So it's perhaps no surprise that they've been noticed by iPhone owners as the iOS 17 and iOS 17.1 upgrades have been applied to their handsets.

While we were impressed with Apple's latest mobile operating system overhaul in our iOS 17 review, it hasn't exactly had a smooth launch over the last couple of months. A fix has already been issued to stop certain iPhones from overheating.

Reports have also come in of users having their privacy settings reset back to the defaults, and of some iPhones mysteriously turning off overnight. That latter bug wasn't dealt with in iOS 17.1, and we're still waiting for Apple to officially acknowledge it.

iOS 17.1 landed earlier this week, and so we shouldn't have too long to wait before iOS 17.2 is past the testing phase and appearing on iPhones worldwide. One of the new features to look forward to is Apple's own journaling app.

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