Google just released a special edition Pixel Fold, but you can't buy it

Google Pixel Fold
The Google Pixel Fold (Image credit: Future / Lance Ulanoff)

The Google Pixel Fold is now available in a special ‘Hip Hop 50’ edition to mark the 50th anniversary of the music genre, which is being celebrated this year. However, this particular version of the Fold is only being distributed to a select few individuals through the Gift from Google program.

Spotted by 9to5Google and shared by recipients on Instagram, the Pixel Fold Hip Hop edition comes in a beautifully crafted package. It includes not only the Pixel Fold but also a Pixel Watch and a pair of Pixel Buds Pro, making it a comprehensive Pixel-themed offering covering all three pillars of the company’s current mobile ecosystem.

The package is presented in a record-playing suitcase – as in an actual record player crafted by record-player company Victrola. The Pixel Fold comes finished in the same Obsidian colorway that’s available as standard (with the other option being Porcelain), but features metallic accents on the back and sides to set it apart from the regular phone, as well as an icon etched into the camera bump. It's an elegant-looking device, and as our Pixel Fold review shows, we're fans of the aesthetics Google brought to its first foldable.

Google's Gift from Google program sees the company gifting Pixel phones in unique packages to influencers and super fans. The ostentatious packaging of this special Pixel Fold is consistent with this approach, enhancing an already intriguing product.

Google's first foldable impresses

The Pixel Fold is Google's debut foldable and despite taking the top spot amongst our shortlist of the best foldables on the market, has received a mixed response. Even so, its hardware design has garnered widespread praise, and the company has earned accolades from the likes of DXOMark for delivering the best display on a foldable device, based on their testing.

Setting aside some early concerns about issues with the foldable’s screen, Google has always excelled at creating hardware with striking design, and the Pixel Fold Hip Hop 50 edition embodies this perfectly.

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