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You might need a mortgage to buy Samsung's 98-inch QLED 8K TV

Image credit: Samsung
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Unveiled today at Harvey Norman Bundall on the Gold Coast, Samsung's massive 98-inch QLED 8K TV has arrived in Australia, though you just might need to take out a mortgage in order to afford it. 

The largest television of its kind that's currently available in the country, Samsung's 98-inch QLED 8K TV will set you back a staggering $99,999 RRP – roughly $5,000 less than an entry-level Tesla Model S.

Of course, television prices in Australia tend to drop fairly rapidly after release, so it's unlikely many people will have to pay the TV's full retail price. However, even with a hefty discount, you'll still need to spend an enormous amount of money to pick one of these bad boys up. 

While there isn't actually any native 8K content available in Australia at the moment (and likely won't be for quite some time), Samsung's machine learning AI smarts allow its 8K television sets to upscale lower resolution content and make it look impressively sharp – something we recently witnessed first-hand

Those who are rolling in cash – or have some spare pocket change lying around – and aren't put off by the QLED 8K TV's exorbitant cost can find Samsung's new 98-inch monster through selected retailers across the country.

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