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Spotify for Xbox One all but confirmed with Microsoft app store listing

A new app listing for Spotify has appeared on Microsoft's app store, suggesting that the service will be rolled out imminently for the Xbox One, although the app is not currently available for download. 

The listing follows the news last week that Larry Hryb (known as Major Nelson) had been spotted using the app.

Following the discovery, the app was then spotted in Hryb's Xbox news YouTube show (via: Windows Central). A source has also confirmed to The Verge that the music service is incoming. 

Parity with PlayStation

The Xbox One will not be the first console to get Spotify support. The service came to the PS4 back in 2015, allowing gamers to listen to streamed music while they game. 

From the looks of the app listing the functionality will be similar on Xbox One. The listing confirms that you'll be able to 'Play music free and on-demand' and 'listen in the background'. 

It might be late, but the addition will be important if Microsoft wants to reach feature parity with the PS4, which has outsold it fairly consistently since the two consoles went on sale.