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Symantec provides tool to bung leaky Android handsets

Android Symantec
Android gets set for a security boost

Symantec has revamped its Norton Mobile Security app to include new intelligence technology that focuses on protecting users' privacy.

Dubbed Norton Mobile Insight, the proprietary tool scans smartphones in real-time to unearth apps that could potentially put personal information at risk.

Symantec says it has gathered knowledge of potential security and privacy risks by analysing more than 4 million apps in more than 200 app stores. 30% of those were found to leak information, such as personal data or call logs.

Potential risks

The tool is now processing 10,000 apps every 24 hours and has identified 300,000 malicious apps to date, the company claims. That's in addition to 1.5m apps found to be associated with greyware, such as aggressive ad networks, or potential privacy risks.

Norton Mobile Security can be downloaded now from Google's Play store.