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Google launches dedicated Windows 8 Search app

Google launches dedicated Windows 8 search app
Google's Windows 8 app brings easy access to Google suite

Google has released a dedicated Search application for Windows 8 prior to the global launch of the operating system Oct. 26.

The free touch-friendly app, available to download from the Windows Store, will give Windows 8 users an alternative to the default Bing search engine packaged with the new software.

The app will offer easy acces to Google Search without the need to open a web browser, but also opens the door to popular apps like Gmail, Google+, Drive, Calendar and Google Voice.

These portals will open within the app's tabbed browser interface, so it's very much like Google's all-encompassing iOS app in that respect.

Familiar features

Familiar features like one-touch Voice Search, Instant Results and Instant Previews are also on board, so there's little missing from the complete Google experience.

The search giant has been extremely punctual with the launch of its apps and services on rival platforms in recent months.

Almost immediately following the launch of the iPhone 5, the company was among the first to revamp its apps to match the new widescreen aspect ratio.

The company is also preparing to launch its market-leading Chrome web browser for Windows 8.

Via PC World