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Rumored Apple credit card could be how you pay for the iPhone XI

Image Credit: Apple

You already splash the cash on its technology, but would you pay for Apple gear using a fruit-branded credit card? 

A Wall Street Journal report states that Apple is trialling its own credit card among its staff, with financial giants Goldman Sachs helping to bring the idea to life. According to the Wall Street Journal's sources, $200 million dollars has already been pumped into the project.

The card is said to make use of Mastercard's payment technology, and provides users extra benefits such as retail perks as well as an Apple-designed app interface for tracking spending on a very fine level.

Apple bucks

So what's the benefit for Apple? Its users may enjoy the perks of a familiar and slick UI, as well as the brand-loyal kudos of sticking with its services, but for Apple a credit system is an easy way to accrue interest payments on its users' purchases.

Apple has already made inroads into similar services with its Apple Pay system, its wireless payment technology from which it take a small cut of purchases fulfilled with the service.

With its own credit card, Apple would be going up against the likes of Monzo in an increasingly disruptive space. From pricey international charges and lacklustre tracking systems, financial services have long been overdue a tech-fuelled revamp from a consumer perspective. With Monzo leading the charge, it'd be a particularly Apple-like move for the company to perfect the art in a growing market. Much like cashback credit cards, this is all about flexibility in modern banking.